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What are the most malicious attacks and how can you spot them?
How to balance the value of your data versus the ransom fee
How to assess your vulnerability and where to tighten control?
The multi faceted responses that are needed to confront Ransomware attacks
How can cybersecurity professionals support each other in warding off ransomware attacks?
What to communicate to staff to ensure safer working practices?

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SC Cybersecurity Healthcare Cybersecurity Risk

09:30 – 09:40 GMT

OPENING REMARKS: Chairperson’s opening comments

 A welcoming introduction from the conference chairperson, providing a thematic overview of the day, as well as additional details for all attendees

Durgesh Gaitonde, Cyber Risk Oversight Consultant, Givaudan

09:45 – 10:15 GMT
PANEL: Fending off threats targeting healthcare crisis response
The onset of the COVID pandemic exposed the NHS and wider health organisations to a number of new and emerging threats. What are the priorities for protection when attacks occur? How can working closely with technical experts ensure adequate securitisation? Where are the key vulnerabilities that require particular attention to ensure an effective defence?
10:20 – 10:50 GMT
Roundtable: Beyond the pandemic: Countering an evolved healthcare threat landscape

 Healthcare will likely remain at the forefront of global cybersecurity efforts for years to come, especially in the face of rapid attack potential. With that, what does 2022 and beyond look like? Where are the key detection and response efforts located to tackle these emerging threats? ‘What are the best options to help mitigate individual and consorted attack risks?

Kostandino Kustas, Cyber Security Consultant , Sophos

INTERMISSION 10:50 – 11:20 GMT
11:20 – 11:50 GMT
Practical Cyber-Resiliency through utilization data
Cyber resilience in today’s healthcare environments represents maturity of their investments in security architecture. One thing that is missing in most cases is relating these practices to organizational relevance, cost management and clinical risk. In this session, we illustrate how you can leverage your medical device security strategy together with utilization data to make near real time determinations for financial impact of vulnerabilities, clinical impact of delays to care delivery and appropriate allocation of resources for sustained response posture.
Sumit Sehgal, Strategic Product Marketing Director, Armis
11:55 – 12:25 GMT
PRESENTATION:Key consideration when selecting an identity access management (IAM) system 

Though a key aspect of the security chain, implementing an identity and access management system can have its difficulties. We will explore the key considerations, including the tech stack and people challenges, within an IAM system and look at how this can improve the security posture of your health organisation.

Peter Jones MCIIS, CISO, The Cyber Badger

12:30 – 13:00 GMT
PRESENTATION: Third party risk – Securing the healthcare supply chain

With a move to decentralise networks across the industry, the risk of exposure through third party slip ups is immense. How can health care providers ensure the security chain is strong through audits? We will examine the most likely weak points that require addressing for third and fourth party vendors and discuss whether an agile security approach can ensure the efficacy of a supply chain?

Simon Lacey, Principal Consultant, CRMG

INTERMISSION 13:00 – 13:30 GMT

13:30 – 14:00 GMT

PRESENTATION: Cyber resilience in the age of diverse digital networks

Effective security goes beyond mere technology. Building a hygiene security network requires an up to date understanding of the threat environment. We will be revealing the key stress points that must be securitised to ensure resilience and the key compliance considerations required for health organisations to address this as well as taking a look at adaptive solutions available from external partners.

Jayne Goble, Director, Cybersecurity, KPMG UK

14:05 – 14:50 GMT

PANEL: Healthcare, now and in the future: Protecting your digital transformation strategy

As the healthcare industry undergoes rapid technological adaptation, protection of sensitive materials is key. We take a deep dive into how you can strengthen cyber defence strategies amidst a rapidly evolving threat landscape. Themes will include: What are the limitations of existing platforms? How can digital transformation allow for greater peer security on networks? What are the integration easy-wins?

Johnathon Lee, UK Director of Public Sector and Education Sales/UK Director of Public Sector Relations, Sophos

Simon Lacey, Principal Consultant, CRMG

Durgesh Gaitonde, Cyber Risk Oversight Consultant, Givaudan

14:55 – 15:10 GMT

CLOSING REMARKS: Chairperson’s closing comments

A closing address from the conference chairperson, briefing on all the outcomes from the day, and digesting tangible takeaways for the audience

Durgesh Gaitonde, Cyber Risk Oversight Consultant, Givaudan

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