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Join over 500 of your industry peers to lesson share and discuss the growing number of ransomware attacks  how do we avoid them, how do we prepare for them, and it is inevitable that they will break through?

Content Highlights Include:

Malicious attacks & how to spot them | Multi faceted responses | Value of data VS the ransom fee |  Assess your vulnerability 

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As the veracity of ransomware attacks increase, and the scale of victims rise to, with organisations such as Palermo attack UAE & the NHS recently falling victim to large scale unwarranted attacks, there needs to be a specific focus paid to precisely how these threats can be identified, thwarted and prevented now more than ever before.

SC Unlocks: Ransomware will be a platform for cybersecurity professionals to learn more about the magnitude and depth of recent attacks and how to deal with them as and when they happen to you. The conference will cover how malicious software continues to extort money from businesses and their staff, and we will discuss when it is appropriate to pay the ransom – if ever – and what can be done by the cybersecurity industry to curtail the attacks.



What are the most malicious attacks and how can you spot them?
How to balance the value of your data versus the ransom fee
How to assess your vulnerability and where to tighten control?
The multi faceted responses that are needed to confront Ransomware attacks
How can cybersecurity professionals support each other in warding off ransomware attacks?
What to communicate to staff to ensure safer working practices?
Hear it from the experts

Why people attended?

"SC Media consistently produces events with relevant, current and engaging content - I always leave having learned something new. I look forward to participating again.
Becky Pinkard
Head of Global Cyber Defence at Vodafone

What can you expect?

Accredited COntent

Expect to hear content that is accredited by CPD and will cover technical implications, as well as the leadership factors that are integral to cyber security management.

Data & Analysis 

Data insights and case study examples provide attendees with the stats and facts you can’t find anywhere else.

Online & ON-demand

Held virtually, the content is available online for you to join in where ever works best for you! It is also on-demand for 3 months post event so you can catch up on any sessions you might miss.

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Our online platform enables you to interact and create new connections. Take advantage of our new networking features to collaborate with experts who can help you. 


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